New Tourist Taxes Incoming 👀

Plus Staying Fit While Traveling The World

Welcome back to Nomad Cloud. This week we go head to head with arch-nemesis tourism (we much prefer slow-nomadism). We also cover some perspectives of leaving America to see the world, something we can all relate to whether we are from the US or not. Today’s forecast is sunny with a guarantee of ☁️.


  • There’s a new tourist tax, how will it affect nomads?

  • Another dive into Albania for nomads, why such a push?

  • What CNN advises for those leaving the US for good.

  • Community Corner: How to make freedom and fitness work as a Digital Nomad

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All The Countries Where You Have To Pay A ‘Tourist Tax’ In 2023

To combat overtourism, several destinations worldwide have introduced or raised tourist taxes. Greece now imposes visitor caps at the Acropolis and staggered entry times. Barcelona recently increased its tourist tax to €2.75, with another hike planned for 2024. Valencia is preparing to implement a tourist tax in late 2023 or early 2024, aimed at sustainable tourism development and affordable housing for locals. Olhão, Portugal, charges tourists €2 per night (€1 during the winter months) to enhance local infrastructure and security.

Thailand has postponed its tourist fee to September 2023, intending to use it for tourist welfare and attraction development. Venice is gearing up to charge day-trip tourists starting in 2024, with the funds directed towards residents' needs. Additionally, the European Union will introduce a €7 tourist visa for non-EU citizens in 2024, with exemptions for individuals under 18 or over 70. Many other countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Bulgaria, the Caribbean islands, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA, already have existing tourist taxes, utilized for tourism management and supporting local infrastructure and conservation efforts. Read full article.

Albania: Europe’s Hidden Haven For Digital Nomads

Albania is emerging as a rising star among digital nomads seeking sun, sea, and affordability. With a significant increase in airline passengers to the country, remote workers are drawn to its beauty, good food, and welcoming locals. However, the government faces challenges in improving infrastructure, including transportation and accommodation, to accommodate the growing influx of tourists and digital nomads.

Despite these obstacles, Albania's popularity as a nomad destination has steadily increased over the last two years. Co-working spaces like Innospace have sprung up in response to rising demand. The country's recently introduced self-employed visa, offering a tax-free year-long stay, aims to attract remote workers.

To fully realize its potential, Albania must focus on building a digital nomad community, engaging nomads with local opportunities, and addressing infrastructure issues. While it has room to grow, Albania holds promise as a top European digital nomad destination, potentially benefiting from the creation of a dedicated digital nomad village. Read full story.


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Considering leaving the US for good? Here’s what to think about before you move

Many Americans dream of relocating abroad, drawn by the allure of a new life in a foreign land. However, the reality of expatriation involves much more than picturesque Instagram posts might suggest. Approximately 9 million U.S. citizens currently reside overseas, and about 15% of Americans polled expressed a desire to permanently leave the United States. Experts emphasize the importance of clarity in motives for emigration, suggesting individuals thoroughly assess their goals and expectations. This includes considerations such as quality of life, language learning, and a sense of adventure. Navigating the bureaucracy of work permits and visas, tax obligations, and financial planning are essential steps. Various options, including digital nomad visas and Golden Visas, are available for those seeking overseas opportunities. Extended visits to potential destinations, cost-of-living estimates, language proficiency, and climate considerations are all crucial factors to contemplate. Ultimately, moving abroad can be a transformative experience, offering enriching and diverse opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. Read full article here.


Member Marlon Schadeck Shares How to make freedom and fitness work as a Digital Nomad

One of the biggest reasons to become a digital nomad is freedom, right? You want to go out, enjoy the food, drink the local hooch, and live life to the fullest. But you still want to look good on the beach! You want both! Here are his top 5 tips for freedom AND fitness that give long-lasting results, wherever you are in the world!

Implement a “Sunday Habit”

Being always on the move makes it hard to stick with rigid routines. My number one tip for this is to take 10-15 minutes every Sunday to mark in your calendar which days you want to exercise or perform whatever kind of physical activity, making sure that you note what time and where.

For example:

  • Monday, 9am: Running (beach)

  • Wednesday, 5pm: Quick Bodyweight Workout (at home)

  • Friday, 3pm: Surfing (ocean)

Your weekly workout schedule might look very different. However, if you take a few minutes on Sunday to plan you will create clear but flexible weekly routines that will keep you active in the long run. To make sure you don’t forget about your new Sunday habit a little harder, why not put a weekly reminder in your calendar right now? Set a date with yourself and commit to shaping your best self!

Purchase equipment that fits your travel bag

Even if social media makes you want to believe it – a gym is not necessary to reach your fitness goals. Your own body weight plus some super basic equipment is more than enough.

Here are my top 3 gadgets for home or outdoor workouts that fit every travel bag:

  • A TRX or some comparable sling trainer (way cheaper)

  • A set of proper resistance bands (don´t go for the cheapest pair)

  • A set of push-up handles (nice to have, but not as important as the above)

Start the day with a quick morning routine

To prepare yourself not only physically but also mentally to live a more active and healthy life it helps a lot to start every day with some physical exercise. That doesn’t have to be a full workout, not even half a workout. It can be a 5-minute yoga routine or a combination of some holistic full-body exercises such as Squats, Push-Ups, and Supermans. The idea is to make it quick and easy, so you can do it every day and make it become a healthy morning habit.

Implement flexible intermittent fasting

Obviously, you want to enjoy a night out with your friends. Obviously, you might not want to say no to a yummy dinner, a glass of wine or two, or whatever. And obviously, you don´t have to. To guarantee you this freedom on the one hand and make sure to reach your fitness goals on the other, we only have to find a way to compensate for this calorie surplus afterward. For that, you could implement a new habit which I call flexible intermittent fasting.

This practically looks like this:

Allow you and your body 14–16 hours of fasting after the last meal or drink of the day, non-sugared tea, coffee, and water excluded. This habit is not only useful to lose weight but also helps your body to reduce inflammation and fatigue. So including these daily fasting phases not only help you compensate for last night’s calorie intake but also makes you feel fitter and healthier in the long run.

Follow the “Golden Rule”: Never skip a workout twice

Ok, I skipped all the workouts I had planned for last week - now it doesn´t make sense to

get back to it anyway

Have you had that thought before?

Most people manage to follow a routine for a while, as long as their motivation is high enough. As soon as life happens (especially on the road), they miss a workout, then another one, until finally their efforts get less and less and they fall back to zero. To prevent that from happening to you it makes sense to follow a thing I call the Golden Rule. The underlying idea here is that missing workouts is inevitable. It happens, even to the best and most determined athletes. So, if it happens to you, don’t judge yourself. Rather focus on the next workout and make very sure that you don’t miss it. Get back on that horse! Following this simple rule helps keep up the momentum and stay continuous – even or especially in difficult phases.


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