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The Cheapest European capital for digital nomads is...

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Welcome back to Nomad Cloud. In this mid-week check-in, we learn about a cool little European town for remote working. We also hear several incredibly personal accounts of the challenging parts of being location-independent. We know neither is a cute travel story but we strive to always report even the tough sides of the story so we have the awareness to make a change. Finally, we have a HUGE GIVEAWAYS worth $50,000 with our main sponsor Global Rescue. Ready to go? Let’s go deep into the ☁️.


  • Cheapest European Capital For Digital Nomads

  • The Real Reality of Nomadding

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This is Officially the Cheapest European Capital for Digital Nomads

A new survey has revealed that the European capital of Sofia, Bulgaria, has emerged as the ultimate haven for digital nomads seeking affordable living. According to recent findings, Sofia offers an unbeatable combination of low living costs, vibrant culture, and a thriving digital community. The city's appeal can be attributed to its rock-bottom prices for accommodation, food, and entertainment, making it a haven for budget-conscious travelers. Moreover, Sofia boasts a burgeoning digital nomad scene, with co-working spaces and networking events aplenty. The low cost of living, diverse cultural experiences, and a welcoming community make Sofia a standout destination for digital nomads seeking to stretch their dollars while pursuing a dynamic lifestyle. Read the full article.


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My Year as a Digital Nomad Looked Perfect Online. The Reality? Lost luggage and No Days Off.

An honest look into travel burnout from Francesca Specter 2021 Times Book of the Year Writer

In March last year, at the age of 30, I embarked on a one-way journey from London to Bogotá, attempting to escape the pressures of societal expectations to settle down and advance in my career. Two years earlier, I had left my office job, become a freelance writer, and ended a long-term relationship. The consecutive Covid lockdowns left my new lifestyle feeling lonely and stagnant. Inspired by social media influencers living the dream of working from beaches in exotic locations, I rented out my flat and began working from various places around the world. While it seemed like a 21st-century professional fantasy, the reality was different.

Working from different countries left me exhausted, disoriented, and longing for the routine and tranquility needed for my best writing. I discovered the importance of proper rest while freelancing and realized that the promise of "having it all" through constant travel was too good to be true. I've since become more disciplined in separating work from leisure and no longer see the appeal of working from a sunbed. Escaping was fun, but I've come to understand the value of home. As the Swedes say, "Away is good, but home is best." Read full article

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